That Guild expects its members and potential members/trials to know their class to the fullest. Min/max their gear/gems and use a proper current raid spec. You will be armoried before being invited for a trial so when applying to the guild please log out of the game wearing your PVE gear that you will be raiding in. We understand that some of your BiS gear may come from bosses that you have not seen yet or acquired from the boss not dropping it yet for you, what we do expect is that you are making a effort to have the next best in slot until you can attain that gear so that your healing/dps/tanking is up to it's fullest potential while raiding with us. You must also at the very least have a headset and be able to log into out vent so that you can listen to instructions. A mic as well is preferred for communication during a encounter.

Trial applicants can expect at least a week of probationary raiding with the guild so that we can assess your play style, gear choices, and overall attitude to insure that you will fit our needs with in our core. We do not want to waist our time or yours.  

We expect once you're accepted to the guild that you come to raid fully prepared with all supplies needed such as food, flasks and the such. The guild does supply Flasks and Feasts but it is a good practice to bring what you normally would on your own just in case we don't have anyone available to make them, or if it is not reasonable to drop a feast (if everybody else but you has a food buff already for example).

That Guild prides itself on making the best use of our time during scheduled raid nights, and as such we expect all of it's members and potential members/trials do the same so that we may clear farm content quickly to have as much time as possible for the night on progression content. We ask that you be on time for invites and ready to go when you are called upon to join the raid so that you are not holding up the raid and leaving 9 others waiting on YOU!

Scheduled raids will start promptly at 8:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. If you will be late or cannot make a scheduled raid time that you have accepted or been invited to we ask that you use the guild web site forums to post under the topic Raid Attendance. It is a useful quick tool for all of us and we check it regularly before each raid time. If you do not post or at the very least let a officer know that you can not make it you will be considered a no show. If you are a trial member this may affect our decision as to give you a permanent invite to the guild. We understand that RL stuff arises and some times can not be avoided, but baring extreme circumstances we expect you to let us know.  


We are a 10 man guild and loot is a roll base system. We do not have to contend with gearing up 25 people evenly anymore and as such we feel the roll system for 10 people is easy and quick allowing us to quickly down a boss, loot him, distribute loot and move on. With that said trials/potential members will get loot but only after main/core raiders have passed on what has dropped if they do not need it for their MAIN spec only! After mains have passed/declined the loot then the trials will be given the chance to roll on it. If then no one wants the drop will be rolled on for Off Spec, if no one wants it, it will be sharded for the guild bank.

We also expect our applicants to not be loot whores. Although we roll we also try to be fair and if you have already gotten a piece of loot, or something would be a side-grade for you and an upgrade for somebody else we expect you to do what's best for the raid, and not for what's best for you.


The guild and its leaders/members have worked hard to build a core. We remain respectful to ALL in the guild at all times in or out of raid. We ask that you as a trial/new member do the same. If you have a concern or a potential problem with another member, or the way something is being addressed with in the guild please take it to the Officers privately first to let them try and resolve the problem. We are not here to baby sit. We are a group of adults that come here to raid and see content there is no room for drama or pettiness. That Guild will always show you that respect and we expect you to do the same for us. That Guild is a place we call home and the bonds we have created are strong but even more so the freindships we have created are invaluable and we work hard to keep it that way.