"That Guild" is a 10 man raiding guild on the server Kargath US. The guild was created at the onset of Wrath as a 25 man raiding core as the guild Virulent on Alterac Mountains US, quickly clearing all content and capturing the Horde first Lich King kill on AM. Since Cataclysm we have scaled down to a 10 man raiding core and still maintain a strong raid ethic with a strong raid core currently 8/8N 8/8HM in Dragon Soul. That Guild prides it's self on staying competitive with current content and while we are a casual guild, creating a fun and relaxed enviroment for it's members, we take our raid time seriously.


 Recently relocating to Kargath US, for various reasons our core raiders have been together for quite some time and still remain together to this day. Most of us started raiding at the onset of Vanilla and remained together in some form or fashion through out all the content. We have strong ties to each other in one way or another and that is what That Guild is based on. A strong dedicated, motivated, competitive, reliable bond that enables us to stay consistent and focused with the tasks at hand and always looking to improve.